Festival of Light Game

Festival of Light Festival of Light. Asuna is a Japanese girl who is spending time in one Budist temple where festival Bon Odori is traditionally organized. Paper lanternes are being burned and people put them in the river and make them flow. That is the believe that the lanterns show the road to death ancestors. The previous night personal stuff of dead people are being left to their families and the day when the festival begins, the objects should be found. That is a part of the Japanese tradition. Asuna is in front of a new task when she needs to fins all the objects of her family.

That is a pretty emotional thing to be done. But, Asuna is a very brave girl and very close to her family, so she really wants to do this. Japanese people have strong culture and religions that they are confessing. Respect and dignity are maybe the most important characteristics a Japan citizen must obey.

Here you can help Asuna fulfill this commitment to her family. Bon odori is a significant festival in Japan which is usually held on July 15. It honors the spirit of death people. During the centuries this festival has become as a family day, when people go next to the family members graves and clean it. This tradition has been followed for five centuries. Japanese even have their dance called Bon Odori Now, that you know much more about this festival and ritual, be good friend to Asuna and help her find her relatives’ objects.

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