Feed the Animals Game

Feed the Animals Feed the Animals. Everyone that has a pet or lives on a farm and takes care of animals knows that taking care of animals is really responsible thing to do. The animals are same as people when it comes about food. They need to eat few times a day and ingest enough nutrients that will give them enough energy to spend the day and make them healthy and strong. And since those animals are not in their natural habitat and we take care about them, we have to be there all the time, giving the animals what they needs. For return animals are giving us love or they are used usually for making food or clothing.

In our case it is about zoo animals. Since they live in captivity, again far from their natural environment, they don’t have the authentic habitat that gives them the needed food so that’s why there are people in the zoo whose job is to feed the animals. Just like people those animals need to have few healthy meals in order to be strong and survive under these circumstances. And in this zoo, once in a month there is one event happening called ‘Feed the animals.’ On this day the regular visitors of the place have an opportunity to feed the wild animals from the zoo which is very interesting happening, everyone is interested about.

This interesting game includes 5 levels. In every level you look for 10 objects – 5 foods for the animals and 5 other objects that are hidden in that level. The food from each level is for the animal that is placed in that level, so there are 5 animals in total. After you find the food, you need to give it to the animal.

Play Feed the Animals Game