Fear Of The Dark Game

Fear Of The Dark Fear Of The Dark. OK, it’s not like Kathrin is too young and she can’t stay alone home or something just that those news on TV sounded quite terrible. It was announced that there would be a terrible storm that will affect the whole city so Kathrin accepted that with wondering and hoping that nothing serious could happen. She is alone in her family house at the moment while the other members of the family went on shopping so now they are at the center of the city. She wonders if the storm will affect them or if something happens to the house… And while Kathrin was all in thoughts, the whole suburb stayed out of electricity! Kathrin is actually afraid of dark so now she starts to panic! All kinds of thoughts are running through her head, how this storm could result, what if something terrible happens… However, she is aware that she has to stay calm and take care of her fear because that won’t bring anything useful at the moment. Panic will bring only something worse in case that the storm goes out of control.

Take a deep breath – says Kathrin to herself, you could handle this dark alone. See what happens in that house in complete dark, and help this lady deal with the dark or if it’s possible, to deal with her fear as well, at least until her husband comes back.

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