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Favorite Game Favorite Game. The Edison family really likes animals. All the time they have some kind of pet and the last years it is the Tom cat. Tom is a cute little cat that really likes to play. Like a little child, he is always inventing new games and playing all day long. Sometimes he plays alone while sometimes he lies to have companion so he is looking for more attentions from his owners. All members of the Edison family love this cat they are never tired to play with him, even when it comes to his favorite game – hide and seek.

You may think how is it possible for a cat to be so creative and inventive when it comes about a game, but he really is! Tom is always looking for some interesting place to hide and surprisingly, but he never hides in the same plays but he is always inventing something new. And those places are not easy to find so it takes some time for the Edison’s to find him. It is like that today as well. Tom is hidden somewhere in the house and he is waiting for someone to find him.

It seems that this time Tom has found some place that is really hard to guess because all members of the family can’t find him for a longer period. ‘This cat can’t be smarter than us’, they think, but actually they really need some help from you, to find this smart cat.

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