Farmyard Tales

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Farmyard TalesFarmyard Tales. In this game we are taking you back on those peaceful and picturesque places in the villages – in farms. We are taking you to the places where nice food and meet is being produces, a fresh air is for you to breath and simply enjoy the view. But, don’t believe that farm yards are only places for enjoying the ambiance, they are certainly those spots where you have obligations from dusk till dawn, popularly said. Because, nothing grows just by itself. Vegetables and plants need a lot of love and nurturance, as well as the animals. Every living being needs love and caress to give its’ best feedback, it is the same with us, humans, isn’t it?And, though it seems that farming work seems very simple, that is not always the case. It is a whole science included in it, it needs workmanship, dedication, consultation with experts that already understand the issue. You can not improvise if you want to be a successful farmer.

And you can not be a successful farmer, if you don’t invest in your tools and knowledge. Is there a better situation when a business or some tradition runs in the family? So, instead of paying some expert a lot of money on giving you advises and expertise, you can simply ask for a favor from your siblings, uncles or maybe parents that have already been through the route you are passing.

Farmyard Tales. Tracy is a young farmer girl that besides the age, has great experience in farming. Her brother farmer himself has invited her for help and he needs her advises on this years’ sowing. Tracy’s brother has a big problem with vegetables and fruits’ quality that he has on the farm. Tracey is here to show him what he should do to improve the quality of his products.