Fantasy Backyard Game

Fantasy BackyardFantasy Backyard. Everyone thinks that there is something strange about my aunt Rose but I think that being unique and being yourself is definitely a highly positive thing. All other relatives don’t share the same opinion as me, thinking that she is some kind of witch, but I don’t believe in that. I mean, there is no reason to believe that since she is very nice lady, once you get to know her, and she knows many interesting things about life. Her experiences and her advises are quite useful for everyone, but people don’t give her a chance to show them how beautiful is she inside.

The thing about Aunt Rose is that she has decided to live a quiet life, alone in one mountain house, faraway form all the city noise. On other hand, she doesn’t appreciate the reality full of fake values so she lives in her own world, a world of fairy tales and fantasy. Yes, it could sound strange, maybe little bit scary, but that’s her way to deal with all negativeness of the modern living. Her house, but especially her backyard, is her precious escape. Her backyard is actually like some fairy land of magic, where you start to believe that miracles are truly possible. Every time when I go to visit my aunt Rose, I also enjoy spending time in her fantasy backyard, I fill my batteries and prepare myself for everyday challenges that sometimes could be quite boring and exhausting.

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