Family Land Game

Family Land Family Land. It was a much unexpected thing for the Rogers. That day when they found out that they are now owners of a family land that was a property of their family, half a century ago. They didn’t even know about that land. Yes, there have been certain stories, they knew some things about their ancestry. But nothing special about that place so this discovery was such an interesting surprise for them. Even though the place is not that close to the place they live at the moment, the Rogers are really happy and excited about the news so they’ve decided to go there and visit it.

At first the Rogers were quite surprised by the place. As a matter of fact, it was a rather nice land, a place they could visit more often in future. The second interesting thing about the place was that they found so many objects related to their family. It seems that the place covers the whole family history since there were so many belongings of their relatives. This way the Rogers could easily find out so many facts about their family roots. Something they were interested in years ago, but they simply didn’t know where to start. Now the Rogers are walking through the place full of enthusiasm, looking for everything that could help them learn some new thins about their family.

Since we are at the place together with the Rogers family, let’s help them find out something more about their family roots and their family history. We are sure they would be quite thankful and you will have a great fun searching.

Family Land is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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