Family Backyard Game

Family Backyard Family Backyard. All of us want to achieve everything in life – to be good parents, to take care of the home, to be good professionals and earn enough money for suitable life. Sometimes it is not that possible to achieve all of that in the same time but that’s why a good organization of the priorities can do miracles, it can make everything possible.

Meet Andrea for example. She is a young woman that is dedicated mother and wife in a family of four. In the past years she was working on her career. Her working place was quite intensive and asked from her to spend there a lot of time and pay a lot of attention on her job so it was about something really serious. However, after few years the company where she worked settled down so now she has more time for herself. All the members of her family seem happy because she could spend more time with them now but also she is happy because finally she could pay some more attention to the family backyard.

Andrea has gathered her family and at the moment she organizes them how to take care of the chaos that rules the whole place. Since no one pay attention to the backyard for so many years, the place looks terrible so it was about time someone to do something about it. Thanks to Andrea good organizational skills, this place could become a wonderful corner where she and her family could spend their free time. It would be nice if we could help this nice family take care of the mess and clean up the place.

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