Falling into Infinity Game

Falling into Infinity Falling into Infinity. Nancy is a girl madly in love with William. Since little they are best friends. The both of them lived on the same street and while growing, the destiny wanted to connect them and make them more than just best friends. But, unfortunately, because life is fool of challenges and risks, destiny starts to play with them. Nancy got an excellent offer for working position in her town, and William got a job offer that no one would refuse and what is important – it is in a European country. Nancy decides to leave her home and to go and surprise William in the European field in a small town where William is situated. She loves to look the place where she would live together with William, if, off course, everything is going to be by the plan.

Very often being best friend with a boy means that it is very much possible that you would actually fall in love with each other. People get to know each other so well, so it seems normal to open the soul and become a couple. That way, you don’t have to start from zero point and have bigger trust in the person. Help Nancy discover their possible new home town.

Falling into Infinity is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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