Fairy Potion Game

Fairy Potion Fairy Potion. Children love stories, their perspective of reality is actually seen through stories and fairytales. The happy end stories are always those who kids love, because they are innocent creatures that believe in good and beauty. And without fairies there almost isn’t a story. Girls dream of having those dazzling gowns in different colors and when you get to see a group of girls playing in a garden, they all express their admirations around the princesses and fairies styling. It is good to end up with these stories at an adequate time, so the girls wouldn’t be thinking that the world is such a lovely place to be, at least, it is not always such.

Stories teach children to be good, patient, to respect the others, everything that parents need to learn them. And the best combination is when you read fairytales to your children before going to bed. They remember everything and ask dozens of questions. If a story doesn’t have a fairy, then something is wrong, just kidding. Good fairies are the look of the good, the one we want to be, the closest form of perfection.

Imagine if we could solve problems with only drinking some potion of magical herbs that can solve all our problems. We all dream of the magical drink for the eternal life.

Fairy Potion is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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