Fact or Fake Game

Fact or Fake Fact or Fake. Being a professional in your own field is not something strange because most of us have certain talent or interest and we work during our lives on developing that talent, aiming to be best in our field of interest. And as we said, that is completely OK and desirable but what can we say about those guys that simply know everything?! Yes, those guys that are perfect in their profession, show successfully in their hobbies, understand and speak many languages and on top of all, know numerous facts about everything – from nature to culture, from math to literature! They may be rare but all of us have met someone like that during our lives and that is definitely praiseworthy.

So, our today’s game would ask from you something like that. We are not pushing you too hard but we will awaken your brain cells and make you think little bit more if you like to deal with the challenges that this game offers. So, the game is consisted of levels with hidden objects and as always, you look for them, exploring the given picture. The hardest part comes after you finish the level when you get a question concerning certain scientific fact, related to the topic of the elapsed level.

You get the question with only two offered answers so if you answer it right, you move on further but if you don’t answer it, you replay the level once again. If you thought that you know many facts about everything, this is your chance to show how good you are. Come on wise guys; let’s see how you would deal this game!

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