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Explore Egypt Explore Egypt. Egypt is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. If you are a world traveler or usual tourist, you will surely love to visit this amazing country, rich with history and culture that one can’t imagine. It is one of the oldest civilizations ever which has given so much to the future generations. The pyramids, Taj Mahal, the queen Cleopatra, the Egyptian museum which traces back the history of the country in the last five thousand years, the great Sphinx of Giza, the famous pharaohs – these are only few of the most famous toponyms and cultural heritage that Egypt has given to the world. And as the tourist atmosphere is concerned – who ever has gone to this country, returns home impressed by the service of the tourists workers, guides, waiters, hoteliers.

They are aware that they have to sell you a good story, a kind that you wouldn’t never forget. And the food is exceptional, very diverse and tasty. You are guessing, in todays’ game we are taking you to one of the biggest African countries – Egypt. Tourist agency owned by Sarah and David is one of the most famous agencies in the city and with the biggest experience in organizing tours in Egypt. With a group of tourists they arrived last night in one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world. Today is their day one from the Egypt visit.

Our player is in the role of assistant of the leader guides of the agency and his (her) job is to take the group of tourists on an unforgettable tour through Egypt. This game might inspire you to take a look at your close agency’s offers and go visit this magical place. If not that, you will get more information about the culture which Egyptologists are dedicated to. So, have fun!

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