Eva’s Dream Game

Eva's DreamEva’s Dream. All of us we have some dream that we want to realize. Some of us admire to have good professional career and to be famous and acknowledged in what they are the best. Other live a bit quieter life, away from popularity and a lot of gossip, but fulfilled with themselves. All of us dream of something we don’t have. Usually, people that live in big cities, admire small villages, farms, peacefulness, no crowd and busy life. But, very few of us would simply decide to make such step and go live that. We always look for some excuse to stay right where we are at the first place.

There are those who are courageous and simply decide to follow their dream. They are the happiest people, because they make their choice and don’t only complain about something, but make an action. Even if that doesn’t show up to be the best choice, you are going to tell yourself that you at least tried to do something. In today’s game for you we are introducing you such a character. Someone that daydreamed a lot and at the end simply made it.

Eva’s Dream. Eva is middle aged woman that is visiting her friend Martha. She lives in a small mountain town. Over there, when it is springtime the whole environment simply gains wonderful colors and the area is very much adequate for morning promenades. Eva has always dreamt about moving into this village, so she would be able to enjoy these kinds of walks every day. She already spent few days in Martha’s paradise and in that time she gets to meet Edward, Martha’s cousin, who is her age. The both of them are looking for love, and they decide to meet each other better. Edward invited Eva to stay few months at his place. This is like fulfillment of her dream.

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