Essence of Life

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Essence of LifeEssence of Life. So many years the world has been developing in a direction that celebrates the artificial more. Since always we are trying to produce more powerful machines, smarter phones and global communication technologies, gadgets that will make our life easier and who knows what else.

All of this makes our living easier in some sense, that’s for sure but what about the nature that usually suffers on account of the high buildings and huge factories. Since those things are giving us good, we don’t like admitting that they are also destroying us, but the facts are telling us that there are numerous new diseases, the mass depression spreads its wings, the environment is more and more polluted… And all signs are telling us that going back to nature could help us improve things or at least to try improving the things…

Mister Smith for example is completely in love with the nature. Once in a week he always visits the forest that is located near the city where he lives. He is also a good knower of healing herbs and plants that he uses for making different teas. Today he is also in the forest where he needs to gather the seasonal healing herbs that are in their full bloom at the moment. Let’s help Mr. Smith collect all good examples.