Escaping the Evil Forest

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Game Details

Escaping the Evil ForestEscaping the Evil Forest. Marion is a girl that lives near to the forest. She likes the forest very much and she especially enjoys her walks there, breathing the fresh air and exploring the natural world there. Her walks last long sometimes, when she indulges herself in the wonderful sights and the animals that will come on her way, some interesting insects, rabbits or squirrel. She doesn’t care that she is alone on her walks because she feels that she knows the forest so good, that nothing could scare her or threaten her in some way. Sometimes she walks there every day, usually when the spring comes or in the middle of the summer when it is too hot to stay at her house.

This morning Marion has left her house and went on a regular walk into the near forest. Everything was just fine. The weather was great, the sun was shining on the sky which meant that it would be a great day, except that in one moment dark clouds have covered the sky and darken the day. It started raining right away, and a huge storm came over the place. Marion was far from home so she found some old abandoned house near, so she hid herself there, waiting for the storm to be over.

After a while, the storm was over and Marion decided to come back home. It was already dark and it seemed that the night in the forest could be quite scary. Marion started to her some strange voices, some screams that scared quite a lot. She started seeing unusual sights, scary sights so she started rushing, but she still has to pass the forest…