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Employee of the MonthEmployee of the Month. Working with people is not an easy thing to do. Working with a lot of people, is even harder. But, a whole new profession was needed to be created – the human resources, a field which would take care of workers’ rights, obligations and very much important, motivation. You don’t have to be some scientist or famous psychologist, to understand that one of the key moments for positive workers motivation is to pay attention to workers. Each living person, especially when working for someone else, needs to be awarded from time to time, needs to get nice praising words that will motivate the worker to be better in what he or she is doing.

Very often, the conditions that someone has to realize its’ projects and the nice atmosphere could be more productive than the prize-money the employer would give to you. You can not get richer with some award and that certainly can’t change your life, but can motivate you to be better tomorrow.

In the company which is property of Pamela and Russel, there is a toll according to which each month, the best employee of the month is being chosen. And the conditions someone to be given that title are not so simple, or that depends on the worker himself. One of the inevitable condition for someone to be selected for worker of the month is for the worker to know very well its’ work and the work of his/her colleagues, as well as the space where he works. The potential best worker should know exactly where do the needed objects stand all the time and off course, to be ready to fulfill all the given obligations. This month our player has been chosen to be one of the potential winners of the award ‘Worker of the month’. The owners Pamela and Russel together with the rest of the colleagues, start the testing of our player.