Emma’s Farm Game

Emma's Farm Emma’s Farm. Some people are more into urban living. They like more high buildings, they want everything to be reachable for them, every institution, every happening; to have numerous markets around them, malls and everything… On the other hand, there are also people that are completely opposite to this group of people.

They prefer nature more and they like to be far away from all the noise related to living in the big cities. Emma is one of those people and even if it may not sound that attractive, she has chosen living on a farm to be her lifestyle and profession. She is not into that all her life but when she felt tired from the everyday rush in the cities, she decided to move somewhere else.

Emma is actually the new owner of this farm that is the oldest farm in the country. This farm was built just after the World War II and at the beginning it wasn’t at its bests but Emma managed to provide great order there so right now, everything is doing great there. In this occasion Emma would like to take you on a private tour around the farm and show you what is going on there.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay at this beautiful place where you could feel the nature pulsing from every corner so let’s not waste our time, the tour may start.

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