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Elenor’s Unfinished Performance


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Elenor's Unfinished PerformanceElenor’s Unfinished Performance. As we all probably know, in traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that is able to show up, in visible form or other appearance to the living. Descriptions of the ghosts are different and they widely vary from an invisible presence to translucent or hardly visible thin shapes, to realistic, authentic visions that usually like to contact with living people because of their unfinished job. We may note them as scary creatures but on the other hand they are sad creatures, wondering around and looking for a place where they could settle.

Eleanor was a great actress that performed in the National Theater. She was very famous and she had most of the best roles in the theater so it is somehow natural that there were so many other actresses that were very jealous at her. One night Eleanor was poisoned during a performance.

The young actress is dead but her spirit is still wondering around looking for the person that killed her. She usually shows up to the cleaning ladies that work in the theater in late night hours and one day she managed to make a connection with one of them, in order to find the person that killed her. The ugly truth was that the person that actually killed Eleanor was the director of the theater. The reason for his terrible crime was his wife who had a great wish to become an actress and inherit the role of Eleanor. Will this help Eleanor come to peace or it will wake up an urge for revenge?!