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Election TeamElection Team. The United States presidential elections are going to be held November, 8th. And the election verbal fights for the best position has begun months ago. When this country enters pre-election process, then the TVs are full of duels, debates, the two biggest parties – the Republicans and the Democrats are breaking the spears and fight with each other who will win the throne. At this point, they are first fighting among each other in each party, so they can choose the best president’s candidate.

Every country has its’ own system and way of selecting their leaders, their presidents or prime ministers. And politics is a dirty think. Political science is one of the oldest that ancient Greeks have established. And don’t think that something crucial is changed concerning this subject. The politics is a whore, they say, and the measures and tools politician use to come on the political summit in one country are changing. If you succeed to win over the people of one country, promising them what they need and touching them on the spot where they are vulnerable and fragile, than you will easily ‘buy’ their votes and they will like you. The serious theme of political elections and the campaigns behind which stand hundreds of people, because the win is sweet.

Janice and Barney are the leaders of the election team of the president’s candidate of the United States of America. They have already started the political campaign aggressively for the next elections. The winning fight is exhausting, but the wish for success is big, as well. Janice and Barney decide that they need more members in their team if they want to win the next elections. Our player has the role of their new member in the team and he will have to collaborate pretty well with the rest of the team and to accomplish the commitments that are given. So, no matter what aspirations you have, put yourself into the shoes of the propaganda man and help Janice and Barney.