Easter at Grandma’s

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Easter at Grandma'sEaster at Grandma’s. Easter is a holiday for the family. For those who have Christian confession, it is a time for the family gathering. It is fulfilled with rituals with Easter eggs and, which is very interesting for children. Everyone wants to participate in the process of egg tapping and to be the strongest of all, win over all the siblings and relatives. But Easter isn’t only the egg party and fun. It means it is a chance for the family to gather together, children to spend more time with their grandparents, feel good holiday atmosphere. Because, when one grows up, actually remembers those nice moments with people that love you.

We are introducing you today actually with such example of people. Wendi and Larry are very happy grandparents. They have three sons and three daughters, and ten grandchildren. Wendi and Larry love to spend time with their grandchildren, they are so creative, always inventing new games for them, and they always participate themselves in it. Children who live in different states and don’t really have the chance to come visit their grandparents very often, love the spring time and Easter spent with Wendy and Larry.

Each year, during the Easter time, Wendy and Larry organize ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ for their grandchildren. Because they live in the village, the hiding space is ideal because in the environment of their house there is a wonderful outdoor with innumerous hiding places. Children don’t go all alone in the pursuit of the eggs, they are always accompanied by Wendy and Larry. They don’t want to ever end this tradition. Organizing this game is very impressive for them and they act just like they were kids. And for the nephews, it is the best time for fun. They ask their parents few months before, when would the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ come. Have fun and be a child again.

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