Dream Lake Game

Dream Lake Dream Lake. Ralph is madly in love with Joan but their story is not that happy because it is something similar as the one of Romeo and Juliet. OK, perhaps not that tragic but their love is forbidden too, because Joan’s family doesn’t agree with it. Their reasons are complicated and hard to be explained, especially because those two love each other unconditionally but they have to keep their love secret if they like their relationship to succeed.

Besides all those obstacles Ralph and Joan see each other secretly and they do that very often but the thing is that every time they choose a different location for their dates, so no one could discover them and get into their trace. Today those two have chosen the lake Tenyr for place for their date and it is a very beautiful place, really romantic and interesting. On the other hand, they do everything related to their dates secretly so Ralph has left many objects that will lead Joan to the place of the date. She has to find those objects and she will find the place of the next date.

This girl will be very thankful if we help her find the hidden objects and get to the point as fast as possible. Let’s help her and take part in this wonderful live between two young people and help them live through amazing moments together.

Dream Lake is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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