Disoriented Game

Disoriented Disoriented. Maps and coordinates can usually take us to the wanted place but what if those coordinates are not correct?! We usually relate on that information unconditionally and don’t ask for anything else but sometimes things could get out of control. That’s what happened with Virginia who is a young woman who wanted to visit her friends.

Virginia actually went off to find her friends that are in the weekend house near the lake. Virginia has never been there before, but she has asked from her friends to send her coordinates so she could easily find the right location. However, everything leads to the fact that those coordinates are wrong because Virginia arrives at this abandoned scary property. Virginia’s phone doesn’t have a full battery at this moment so she can’t call her friends or ask someone for help.

The only thing she could do is to explore the space by her own with intention to get some information where she is at the moment and where should she go to get to the weekend house. Since Virginia is all alone, it would be useful if we could help her because she is rather scared from the whole situation and she likes to leave this house as soon as possible.

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