Devil’s Price Game

Devil's Price Devil’s Price. People don’t know what will happen to them after they leave their home. Going on a trip is always uncertain, even if you are the best driver or you are traveling with the best driver or a pilot. Sometimes the risk factors come from the inside but sometimes they come from the outside and they simply can’t be avoided.

However, these things that happen to the three friends Laura, Janet and Raymond is something that doesn’t happen to everyone. It is something very unusual and strange but somehow it happen those three friends to be witnesses of it but let’s start from the beginning.

Laura, Janet and Raymond are three friends that by some mysterious coincidence are stuck in one old French village. They were going to the town but somehow they have mistaken the direction that leads to the town. After a while they became aware that they are in danger. They heard a voice that belonged to the evil spirit. This spirit is blackmailing them with few requirements that need to be fulfilled if they like to be released. The three of them will have to find the objects hidden by the evil spirit if they like to be free again. That is the price they have to pay to the devil for their freedom.

Devil’s Price is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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