Desert Star Game

Desert StarDesert Star. If you decide to work catering, in the broad sense of the word, it is very important to be one and only. Of course, there are numerous restaurants and coffee bars all around but besides that, you have to have some trade mark that will make you unique and will attract customers to come at your place, just because of that issue. That is one of the reasons why Desert rose works so incredibly. It is about an oriental restaurant that works perfectly. Their cuisine is so great and they are completely focused on oriental food which the cookers make it normally delicious and authentic.

That’s why the restaurant works in full speed all the time. Besides the excellent food, seamless hygiene is the second most important factor for a good restaurant, and that’s also very important for Desert rose. Preparations for the next day begin after the working time of the restaurant. The costumers leave the place but that’s not end for the employees in the restaurant. Just like ants, they start cleaning around, to make the restaurant functional for the next day, taking care of every piece of the mess that has appeared in the restaurant.

Desert Star is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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