Delicious Shop

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Delicious ShopDelicious Shop. For those people who dream with open eyes, the sky is the limit. When you want something so much, it seems like all natures forces are uniting and they can help you achieve your goal. When you get focused on something you really want to have or become and if your intention is very honest and clean, you will surely make it. Culinary is maybe one of the most interesting professions one can have. Out of hundreds ingredients those magicians chefs create something magical. And that is something you can’t imagine preparing it by yourself, because it is impossible. A lot of lessons should be learnt, a lot of courses and experiments to be done so you can call yourself master chef. That’s why they are not lots of them – and the restaurants where they cook, make reservations for few months later. And, if you want to enjoy that special experience, you need to pay a good price. All exclusive pleasure in life cost, don’t they?

Today we are introducing you into the world of culinary miracles of the sugar. Right one month ago, Jessica has finished one of the most prestigious culinary courses. Making cakes and sweets is her speciality. She finished this course in France, the country that is the leader of this art, with her final objective to open her own sweets, cakes and candy supply store and restaurant specialized for sweets and cakes. The name of her restaurant is ‘Delicious Shop’. But before she opens the restaurant, she surely need to afford adequate space and conditions for that.

Our player is in the role of Jessica’s best friend and should help her in the arrangement of the space, buying the necessary products as well as assisting in the preparation of the products.