Days on the Farm Game

Days on the Farm Days on the Farm. This is the second year of Julie since she lives on the farm that she inherited from her grandfather. She has learned all the needed secrets and things important to know for the farming so her land could function at all. The spring knocks on the door and with it, the new obligations on the farm. And, because the property is pretty big, Julie needs some help, so her relative comes on a visit, and that is our player. Together they have to prepare the farm for the upcoming season.

The first season when she came to the farm which is thousands kilometers away from the house she was raised. She didn’t manage too pretty well with all the obligations. But, she didn’t give up. She asked for more experienced people in the farming to explain to her where did she made mistakes and they helped her a lot. Now, for the second season, she knows where to pay attention. Because there is a lot of work to be done in the new season, she didn’t want to risk and that’s why she invited her close relative to help her. She admits that she actually needs a company, as well, because living alone sometimes is not fun.

Farming needs a lot of work so that what you are raising will give the best fruits, the best meat, the best seeds one would want. If you think that that is something very simple as it looks, than you are mistaking a bit. It is a science. It takes a lot of energy, knowledge, organization and off course, a lot of love to give to the land. There are people that choose to leave the noisy cities and their comfortable armchairs and lives and lift their sleeves and go out there, being closer to the nature and live out of it. The peace you get is priceless.

Days on the Farm is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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