Days of Serenity Game

Days of Serenity Days of Serenity. Meet Heather and David. Looking for a way how to invest their money and start a new business, they decided that it would be very nice to open a spa center. They always liked spending time in this kind of places because it is a very nice way to get away from the busy life and many times they have discussed what they like most in the spa centers, what should be included there to be even better, and things like that. After many years, they’ve decided to open their own spa center and they have chosen to place it deep in the center of one wonderful mountain.

They concluded that this way people will enjoy the beauties of the spa center but also they could spend their time in the mountain, breathing fresh air and improving their general health. Another factor that makes Heather and David’s spa center attractive is the location. Yes, we’ve said that it is deep in the mountain but this mountain is actually very close to the city where they like which means people could go there anytime they want, without wasting too much time and waiting for the weekend or the holidays to come.

And since Heather and David are real professionals and they like their spa center to work as good as possible, on the day of the opening of the place they have invited only their closest friends. Their point is to ask them to help, telling them their opinion about the spa center so they could make it even better before the official opening. Since everyone is present, the tour through the spa center could start.

Days of Serenity is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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