David’s Redemption Game

Davids RedemptionDavid’s Redemption. The limit between being a genius and being completely crazy is so weak! Do you remember David? He is the archaeologist that investigated Heligan’s secret cave. The guy that wants to push his limits as far as he can, in order to discover new things. This time he is in Amazonia, the most broad leaf forest that covers the major part of the Amazon Basin of South America, and he has decided that he wants to explore everything there and ‘feel the spirit of the indigenous people’. The archaeological evidences say that human inhabitants first inhabited the Amazon region no less than 11,200 years ago.

That points that the place has a really long history and it is quite sure that there are numerous interesting things there, from natural aspect to archaeological and anthropological aspect. Also there are a lot of myths about the indigenous people, some of them say that they still live in that place, keeping the old traditions and primitive way of life…

And this story is another proof that David has push very far this time. Searching for this tribe he found himself in a big trouble. Yes, he did seen the native people; they were same as in the stories about them, living very primitive..but the thing that he did not expect was that he will be captured by them! Those guys are asking from David to get deep into the Amazon forest and search for some diamonds. He is not supposed to come back until he finds 15 of them, bring them back to the head of the tribe, and even then he will be free…

This thrilling adventure includes 5 levels with 10 hidden objects each, so have fun.

David’s Redemption is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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