Daughter of the Moon Game

Daughter of the Moon Daughter of the Moon. People have different life styles and prefer doing different things in life that don’t have to be matching what everyone else does or thinks. That is the beauty of living, as long as the person doesn’t threat the interests of people around him, but however, many times it could happen people to judge a person for his/her not so typical behavior. Actually people are more accustomed to following patterns than finding their own path and that doesn’t mean that they are happy, usually it is completely the opposite since we are all persons on our own, not an imitation of some norm imposed from outside…

Then again, as we’ve mentioned above, people could be cruel to something that is different. That is the example with Selene as well, a girl that is known by the local population by the name “Daughter of the moon” because she goes out only at night. There is nothing wrong with Selene, that behavior is her own life style, but people around are scared of her possibly being a female werewolf. Selene is hurt by the opinion of her fellow citizens and she is willing to prove that she is not a person people should be afraid of. That’s why she has decided to give them a piece of her treasure, with an aim to prove that she is a really good person, not some terrible monster.

Besides the interesting plot, this game also includes an interesting game play. The game includes additional bonus games – match three and wheel of fortune. At the end of the game, the player gets rank – expert, observer, collector, apprentice, rookie, depending on his results during the game. We are quite sure that you will master the game without any difficulties.

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