Dark Places Game

Dark Places Dark Places. Meet Yvonne. When this girl was younger, she used to visit her aunt very often. Yvonne’s aunt lived on a huge ranch, far from the central city area which Yvonne loved so much, but now when Yvonne is all grown up, she simply can’t afford herself to leave the town that often and enjoy the beauties of the ranch. Her everyday responsibilities at work simply don’t allow her travel and there has been almost two years since she hasn’t visited her favorite aunt. However, since has been such a long time, Yvonne decided that she has to find a solution this time and see the aunt that she misses so much, no matter what.

Yvonne arrives at the ranch, expecting to find everything as it was few years ago, but she finds herself very surprised since everything is completely different. The ranch is the same, a huge area with a house, but Yvonne is really surprised by its condition. Namely, everything here is abandoned and there is no sin of her aunt. How is that possible? Maybe she didn’t hear her aunt that often but no one has told her that her beloved aunt has left the place.

Yvonne desperately wants to discover what’s going on here and where is her aunt. This place was wonderful in the past, but now it is so dark and it seems as it is full of ghosts or something like that which is really hard for Yvonne to believe… Let’s be backup for Yvonne and try to help her figure out what is happening with her aunt.

Dark Places is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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