Dark Hour Game

Dark Hour Dark Hour Game: Imagine that you go out one day and you can’t find your way home. That is a scary thing. From unknown reasons you get to loose your way and have no idea what you should do to bring your peace once again. Very often we find people that have being lost from home. That is a scary thing to happen. Some have the fortune to be found, but other actually stay in trouble.

We wouldn’t want that to happen to our main character in Dark Hour Game. Cynthia is situated into the scary wood which is a home of the sorcerer Stephen. She didn’t want to deviate the road and ends up on his property. Whenever a stranger comes on his property Stephen activates the dark hour. This is a strange situation. How can someone actually find his way without having any light given? No one knows why the sorcerer Stephen actually does this to people and why is he angry. A complete darkness appears at the same moment and now Cynthia can’t find her way home. She needs your help. We are sure you are going to help this lady bring her life again. So enjoy and have fun in playing Dark Hour Game.

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