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Dangerous PeakDangerous Peak. There are courageous people and those that don’t want to put themselves into risky situations. If you are sports’ amateur that you would understand the need of touching the untouched. If you ask speleological diver what is so nice in entering deep caves where everything is so empty and dark, he or she would tell you – the magic is in the thing that you will enter a place where no one or few people have been. Some enjoy the deep waters, some – the sky, and some want to climb the mountains and fight with the height.

Very few people on the Earth can tell what is the feeling like when you climb Annapurna, the most dangerous peak on the Himalayas or K2, for example. Nowadays, Mont Everest has even become some kind of trend. Unfortunately, not everyone has the happiness to get back home and tell its friends and family what was the feeling like, or didn’t make to put its’ countries flag on the heal. Mountains are your friends if you show respect toward them, you should listen to their voice and not pretend that you are more powerful than them, because you are not. Our heroes for today enter an adventure.

They admire nature and want to try their limits. Patricia and Steven are leaders of an alpinist expedition, which for today has challenged itself to climb ‘Dangerous Peak’. That is the most dangerous mountain peak in their country. They have chosen the southern side of the peak which has a lot of barriers and dangerous parts. Our player is a member of the expedition and together with the rest of the team should conquer the peak. So, prepare your sport’s spirit and hit the game!