Dangerous Journey Game

Dangerous Journey Dangerous Journey. Yes, every profession has its own positive and negative sides. Even the most desirable professions have their minuses but when you summarize the advantages and the disadvantages, if the result is on the positive side, then there is nothing to worry about. For example many people dream about being traveling salesmen. Like every other profession, you should deal with its challenges, contact numerous clients but the thing that people love most about this job, besides meeting numerous new people every day, is traveling. People that do this job are everyday in different place. Sometimes they have to be in few different cities in one day and it happens not to get home for a whole week. That’s how they have a chance to meet many different cultures and get to know the customs that are characteristic for the place they’ve visited.

Mrs. Mary travels a lot by train because her profession requires it. She works as a traveling salesman for one really famous company, so sometimes it happens every day to be in a different place, presenting the products of her company.

Sometimes this could be little bit hard and demanding but Mrs. Mary loves her job so she doesn’t have any problem with it. Today the train was waiting on the platform passengers to enter in it. However, no one from the railway authorities realized that the train is not ready for this trip, that something was terribly wrong. There was some defect in the brakes, and the passengers were ready for departure… Will this be a dangerous journey?! Let’s see what will happen next!

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