Cursed Passage Game

Cursed Passage Cursed Passage. There is a strange mountain known as Tarsk… And yes, you may say: what is so special about it?! A mountain like every other one. But what about a mountain where numerous supernatural phenomena happen?! Well that is not something ordinary, that’s for sure, but everyone that has been there, notices that some strange things are happening. Some things that are hard to explain. Usually those happenings leave the mountain climbers that come there completely confused. And they don’t know how to handle it and they usually don’t visit the mountain twice but that’s why the stories about this place have attracted the group of scientists – detectives called ‘Supernatural investigators.’

The scientists have arrived at the region of the mountain Tarsk. Ready to start their investigation and all the supernatural phenomena that happen there. They have decided to camp at the place that is known as the ‘Cursed passage’, the place where those happenings occur most often. They can’t sense anything strange so far but they will stay at the place and on the mountain for a longer period of time to be sure what exactly is happening there because supernatural sights are not something that could be seen often.

The ‘Supernatural investigators’ are quite experienced in their work but they also need your help because every new case is a new experience for them, so let’s help them in their adventure, let’s see what exactly is happening in that mountain.

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