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Cursed Hollow

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Cursed HollowCursed Hollow. Karl and Helen Mathewson are a married couple that has been together for certain period of time and since they are together, they always like to do something unusual together, choosing some strange hobbies that increase the adrenaline level. However, they are not extreme in their hobbies, and they usually choose something that is exciting but it’s rather safe on the other hand.

One of the hobbies of this couple is sailing with their boat. They like to visit different places, exotic places but they choose to sail on calm waters. This time they are sailing through the waters of the Bador Lake but something unpredictable suddenly happened – a terrible storm appeared out of nowhere and it dragged away the boat. The married couple has to find a way how to escape from the storm and find some safe place but the boat was driven away to the coast of the cursed valley. There is nothing in this valley, it seems that no one lives there, except this abandoned house…

But what can they do about it? Seeing that there is no way out from the situation, Karl and Helen decide to enter into the house and look for something that could help them fix their boat and continue their sailing once the storm is over. They believe that they are all alone on this place, it seems to be like that since no one can be seen around, there are no traces, but they both feel that someone is watching them all the time, while they are trying to fix the boat and get away from the cursed valley…