Curse of the Scarecrow

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Game Details

Curse of the ScarecrowCurse of the Scarecrow. So, are you prepared for today’s game? We hope you are because once again we are taking you to an adventure that may scare you a bit but it would definitely be very interesting and intriguing.

This time we are taking you to a farm. OK, you may say, a farm like farm – some animals, interesting nature, that quite OK but the things that are happening on this farm are little bit strange, that’s for sure. And perhaps strange is not strong enough as a word to describe what is happening, it seems like there are too many unfortunate events around her.

Dale and Curtis are father and son and they live on the farm. Everything was all right, just as it supposed to be – a quiet life on the farm, without any turbulences.. .but all those happenings have made them believe that perhaps someone has put a spell over their farm. They also believe that those accidents are related to the scarecrows that Dale and Curtis have set all around the farm. Their main role is to scary the birds that fly around but it seems like they bring misfortune to everyone, mostly to Dale and Curtis.

The father and the sun have to get rid of this terrible curse so they call their friends and they start exploring the area in late hours. All of them are looking for something that could give them answer to this unusual situation. Scarecrows are a regular thing on those farms but what is going on this time?

Curse of the Scarecrow is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.