Curse of Armita Game

Curse of Armita Curse of Armita. Grace is a girl pilot and a passionate adventurist. She is really into mysteries and often she likes to search about the truth that lies behind the legends. She is very interested about them and her greatest interest is to find out if those legends are a complete fantasy or perhaps there is something real in them. It is like that with today’s case. Grace will try to reveal the truth that lies behind one very special legend so let’s see together what this adventure is about.

This time Grace has found out about the legend about the goddess Armita. According to the legend, this goddess has thrown a curse over her own temple. She was that ibsessed by her own place that, as said by this curse, everyone that will enter into this place where her sanctuary was years ago, won’t come out from there. He will be considered as missing because every trace of him will be lost forever.

Aside from the concrete legend, Grace has heard about some people that entered into Armita’s place and they never come back again so now she likes to check out if those claims are true. This girl starts the search bravely, following the legend rather carefully. She enters the place and explores everything around Armita’s sanctuary. Enjoy and have fun in playing Curse of Armita Game.

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