Crystal of Sorrow Game

Crystal of Sorrow Crystal of Sorrow. It is time for some fantasy. It is the time for a Indiana Jones game style. Finding worthy things in mysterious conditions is always his mission. Today, a girl is very brave. Her name is Edith and she has very important job to do. That will not be only a good thing for herself, but she will help a lot of people, all the citizens of the Kingdom that her father is reining. It is time for some magic, don’t you think?Edith is the youngest daughter of the sorcerer Alatar.

For his whole life Alatar has being fighting with the bad forces that the Dark Crystal releases and the same spreads sorrow throughout the Kingdom. In years, Alatar has been the bravest and the smartest magician in their kingdom. Since little child, his ancestors have noticed his power to deal with natural things, using his high powers to control things. He was very positive and didn’t do bad magic, but he always did what was good for the kingdom.

But, Alatar is already very old, his powers are already weaker, and sorrow is all over the kingdom. It has spread as the pledge spreads in the old centuries. Edith arrives at the place where the dark crystal is and continues her father’s work. Edith has to find the objects that are that she needs to fight the dark crystal. Edith is look alike her father and she has inherited this power from her father. He admires him and whats so much to be like him.

Now, you can help Edith safe the whole kingdom. But, that can happen only if you help this lady. Have fun and give your best!

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