Crossing Efaria Game

Crossing Efaria Crossing Efaria. One group of passengers could not imagine what could happen on their trip from Denver to Nevada. It was a regular day, like any other day, and they took the train as transport from the railway station. This is a rather frequent and regular line but during their trip some unexpected defect came out so the train stopped somewhere between. It was about some strange place called Efaria and actually no one in the train knew anything about that place that was located in the middle of nowhere.

Numerous strange landscapes appeared in their view, beautiful landscapes but full of mystery. As a matter of fact, the whole place has some strange spirit that made everyone in the train feel little bit scared from the unknown. It seemed that there won’t be any solution for the problem with the train soon, so all of the passengers have decided to start walking so they can go out from this land of Efaria. However, this also wasn’t a safe solution but perhaps this was the only solution for them under those suspicious circumstances.

It would be nice if we could help those scared people pass the mysterious land faster and get to the first station that could guarantee them escape from the situation, maybe a new train, or some other transport vehicle so they could get safe and soon to their final destination.

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