Cross my Heart Game

Cross my HeartCross my Heart. Kevin is a young man who is crazy in love with his girlfriend Alice. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for her, just for Alice to be happy and pleased. Since the first day he saw Alice in college, sitting next to him, with those shy face and eyes ready to soak up all the knowledge in the world. The sympathies came very early and very soon, after they started communicating more often and studying together. First, they believed that they only the friendship keeps them together. But some time later, after they started dating, going to the theaters, doing sports together and everything else they had in common, they understood their destiny – they simply have to spend their lives together. Kevin and Alice are very fond of the nature.

They spend every spare time they have to go outside, to be among the trees, on fresh air, in parks, beside lakes, the places and locations that make them peaceful and happy. Very often they ride bikes together as well. Each of them have their favorite place, a park they know by heart. Kevin, for instance, loves the park where they would sit after their classes, talk about the lectures and have a hug.

Alice as well adores parks, and especially the flowers that she enjoys right there. Her favorite park is ‘Sunrise’, where the most beautiful flowers in the world grow. Kevin is determined to ask Alice to marry him and wants to make her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, collected right from the ‘Sunrise’ park. Here’s where you can help him, dear player. Open your romantic soul and give a good advice to our romantic person here. Why won’t you help Alice experience the best day ever in her life? She doesn’t even imagine that Kevin could do such a thing.

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