Creepy Society Game

Creepy Society Creepy Society Game: What about some spooky story for today. Imagine you are member of some weird society. You can choose to be some creature that you prefer, your choice completely. And together with your gang you are about to form a specific society that has a mission. And imagine more that your rival is going to be the scariest creature ever, who doesn’t allow easily for someone to interrupt him and to make a fuss about anything.

The werewolf Noah, lady frog Amber and the vampire Alan are members of Creepy Society. They arrive at the abandoned house of Bad Vampire Albert. And they need few objects from here that might serve to them for their domicile.

They have to find the necessary object as soon as possible because not only they need these objects, but their society hides a lot of scary creatures who found out that Albert has left their home and now they all want to take their personal stuff. Here you come on board, our dear player. Put some adventure mood, be the strongest creature you can imagine at the moment and fight over Bad Vampire Albert. You would be happy to achieve the goal and Creepy Society without doubt will be thankful.

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