Cottage Farm Game

Cottage Farm Cottage Farm. We are all living quite intense life. We are always in a hurry; in a hurry to get somewhere, to some place, to some point of our lives, to get to certain object which is our desire; to get to the right people that will lead us somewhere… Our drivers are different – someone is looking for more money, someone for prestige, someone simply wants to fit in the society… but on the other hand, there are people who are brave enough and who are prepared to leave all those things and start something completely different, somewhere far from the civilization. Perhaps those people are still rare, but they are surely commendable.

Louise and Steve are a married couple and we have to admit that they are one of those brave people. They’ve decided to move away from the city noise, to renovate Steve’s grandfather’s old farm and turn it into a family business. This is a huge step for the couple but they are willing to do everything they could in order to fulfill they big plan.

Louse and Steve will name the farm ‘Cottage Farm’ because many years ago grandfather’s house was one of the most beautiful houses in that area, and they will start their business. They like to start cultivating horticultural crops and animals for production of dairy products. However, this business will be a huge step for Louise and Steve so they need some help from their closest friends and the connoisseurs of agriculture, so they could start everything as it should be. Let’s be friends and help those two make their wish come true.

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