Coin Collector Game

Coin Collector Coin Collector. So many people all around the world, so many different hobbies. Since each one of use is a different person that has his own story of life, our interests are different too. However, it is not strange a group of people to share a hobby, that’s actually normal and collecting antiquarian items maybe is not something that common but it’s something that some people do. People that are interested in arts or people that are interested in trade with art are usually those that choose to collect those objects that sometimes might be really old but they are all quite worth, assuming that all of them have a long history since they are very old.

Some of those objects witness about some different period of the human history, some are pieces of some eminent artist and have artistic value, some belonged before to certain person and are filled with sentimental value while others simply look good, even if they are that old.

Mr. Larry is one of those who are passionate admirers of old antiquarian items, but his greatest passion are those rare coins that come from different ages and different parts of the world. In his collection of old coins there are five coins missing and at the moment those coins are at the world market for coins. Mr. Larry is determined to collect money at all costs and buy those precious coins so he decides to sell few of his valuable antiques and use the money for buying those coins. Let’s help Mr. Larry buy the wanted coins and fulfill his great wish.

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