Close Encounters

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Close EncountersClose Encounters. There are numerous attempts to discover if there is life out of our planet. That goes for the planets that are far from our planet in this galaxy, or perhaps some other galaxies, or who know what else is there in the space. People are inventing space ships or sending robots in the space, so they could find out if there are some living beings, similar or totally strange from us, or perhaps there are whole new civilizations… Many questions and even if we think that the technology is so superiorly developed, even if we think that our spacecrafts are suited to perfection, actually we don’t know much about the space. We may think that there are some really superior creatures living there, that are hiding so good, or maybe there is nothing and we are the only once that live in this universe… But also there’s a third option, maybe someone knows and doesn’t like to tell us… The truth is quite uncertain when we are talking about this…