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Clockworld Mystery Clockworld Mystery. Do you remember the story about a land called Narnia? The kids had to travel through a magic wardrobe to get in the world full of monsters, talking animals, a helpful Faun, a great lion, and an evil Ice Queen. This is also a story of traveling between worlds through a magic object. It is a story about time travel to our characters family roots. Have in mind that this game also includes a new gameplay which means that the player has to fulfill three tasks to complete the game and with a great work the player can earn the special bonus game – ‘Bubble Shooter’… This means that you have a lot of work to do, so let’s start right away before is too late.

Irene is in her living room where she spends most of her time during the day. In the middle of the room, up against the wall, there is an antique clock. It is probably an object that is being passed from generation to generation. Regardless of its age it works just like a Swiss clock. For the first time Irene notices that there is something strange about the clock. She noticed some strange forces inside the clock that have the power to teleport anyone to a parallel and mysterious world. As she discovers them she decides to plunge into the unknown adventure. Irene has always been a little adventurous, but never was the right time or she had a real chance for a great adventure.

As she heads for it Irene learns that the clock teleports to a world of the past. In fact it is the same as her home in the present. She stands in her living room again as she realizes that it`s a few hundred years earlier. Irene has traveled back into the time of her ancestors to find out that she has to satisfy their desires. “So, this is the reason they’ve brought me back to them”, she thought. Now she has to carry on and discover each of their desires. She can only get home if she fulfils them all. Let the search begin!

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