Cleaning Weekend Game

Cleaning WeekendCleaning Weekend. We could say that the weekends are usually intended for relaxing from the long working week. That’s why there are arrangements for the weekends, to go somewhere and visit some interesting place that will make you happy, and you will feel free from the bunch of responsibilities that follow you all the time. But there is also another side of this story. Some people work so much during the week that they don’t have time for anything, except for sleeping making their meal for the day.

Well in those cases everything is left for the weekend and the weekend turns into a time for working, not resting. In the following game is exactly like that. You will see that the house is in a total mess and all around there are numerous objects spread. The owners thought that they make insignificant mess every day but at the weekend they saw the mess from the five days together which means that we are talking about a really big mess! Are you willing to help clean the house, and find all the objects that are missing in the mess? OK, lets start!

Cleaning Weekend is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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