Cleaning the Summer Villa Game

Cleaning the Summer VillaCleaning the Summer Villa. Summer villa is something that probably everyone dreams about. Just imagine spending the whole summer is some beautiful place that is yours and you can stay there as long as you like. You could spend the holidays or go there every weekend and relax yourself as much as you like, just amazing!

The Martinez family has built a summer house many years ago. The house is located in the mountain so it is a perfect solution for spending the summer days when it is very hot down there. The house is not suitable for the winter because its location is no that easily accessible and it could not be warmed that much but it is definitely the perfect escape for the summer. Now when the summer is at its end, it is time to prepare the house for the summer.

For that purpose the members of the family are organizing themselves to use their free weekend and clean the house with their joint forces. Since the house has not been used during the winter, it would need some time to clean it and put everything in order before it could be used again and since the house is not small, it would need a good organization for that. All members of the family are not selfish at all when it comes about cleaning this house because each one of them spends his/her summer days there or at least spends the weekends so everyone likes the house to be clean and comfortable. Let’s take a look of the Martinez family and their great action for cleaning the summer villa.

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