Cleaning the Old House

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Game Details

Cleaning the Old HouseCleaning the Old House. Down town there is one really old and strange house. No one has entered there for many, many years so no one knows what is inside. There are some rumors about the possible owner of the house, about some strange people that went there from time to time, about what’s hiding there but there isn’t a single person that could say something for sure…

One day the city cleaning service received a call for cleaning. There is nothing unusual about it since they receive call like this every day but this call was from that old house. This is first time the service to be called to clean that place so the whole team is little bit excited about what is hiding there.

The cleaning team enters the house and they realize that couldn’t be anything to be scared of in that house. Yes, the house is old and abandoned but there is amazing stuff there, really unusual furniture and numerous other objects, so they will have to do their job in really interesting environment.

Help the service do its job by finding those items that are hidden. Every level is a different room from the house and only by finding all items in a level, you could move into the next one. Enjoy your stay in this unusual old house.

Cleaning the Old House is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.