Cleaning Team Game

Cleaning Team Cleaning Team. The Henderson’s have bought a new house on the outskirts of town. That was their biggest wish the last few years so they are really happy about it, hardly waiting to move there as soon as they can. However, the house is very cozy and beautiful but it’s been a while since someone lived in this house so it is not that clean at the moment and it needs a thorough cleaning. That’s why the Henderson’s have called a cleaning company that will prepare their house for moving in. It is about a real team of professionals that will make everything perfect before Henderson’s arriving.

And this cleaning company has one new member in their team. Yes, it is about you. You are the one that is employed last in this company so you still have to be respectful to the advices given from your authorities. At the beginning of the game you will have to choose between male or female boss, but you also have to respect the other members of the team that will ask from you to work as fast as you could, keeping professionalism on high level, which means providing great cleanness. Team work is something that is needed or every profession so always try to follow the group in cases like this.

Also have in mind that the house that Henderson’s have bought is quite big house and it has to be finished in one day but on the other hand, there is an award if everything is done as it should – a bonus game that will give you few more minutes of great fun.

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