Cleaning for Fun Game

Cleaning for Fun Cleaning for Fun. A lot of people feel really anxious and under pressure when it is time for cleaning the house, especially when it comes about general cleaning that includes taking care of every corner of the house. On the other hand that may sound as something boring to do since cleaning could not be creative or anything, it is simply just taking care of the objects in the house and nothing more…something that needs to be done once in a while so we could live in a clear environment and be healthy.

However, Vanessa is definitely not one of those people who are afraid of cleaning but she is something completely opposite – an expert for cleaning houses. Maybe she is not a real professional but she has definitely developed her own technique that makes her job easier and involves the whole family as well so the job can be done quite faster. Vanessa has taken the responsibility to figure out some kind of a game that will make the process of cleaning much more interesting. That’s how every next step gets its own context and leads to something further, not just pure cleaning. And to make the things even more amusing, for every cleaned room, there is a certain award guaranteed which gives a double challenge to the whole cleaning situation.

This method works quite successfully for Vanessa so she would like to share it with us as well. We will try this ‘cleaning for fun’ method and see if it’s going to help us with cleaning in real life. It would be nice if we start right away!

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